Rodice za inkluzi

The Parents for Inclusion Alliance

About Us

We are a voluntary association of parents who believe in the meaningfulness, utility and real-life benefits of inclusive education.

We believe it has an irreplaceable role in preparing all children for adult life.

We are convinced that efforts to educate children together based on their individual needs so that they can best fulfill their potential, is an approach that is consistent not only with the goals of modern pedagogy but also with the needs of an advanced humane society.

How we work

The Parents for Inclusion Alliance was founded in 2015 as an independent platform supported by Open Society Fund Prague, the Czech Society for Inclusive Education (COSIV) and other organizations.

The Alliance’s activities are managed by a coordinating committee in which parents and representatives from organizations work with disadvantaged or disabled people, regardless of the nature of their disability. The Alliance is also open to those who advocate for the interests of the socially or culturally disadvantaged as well as for gifted children.

We will be pleased if you are interested in joining us to promote our common vision of inclusive education together!

Coordination Committee

Kamila Mertová, Veronika Doležilová, Hana Kubíková, Miroslav Klempar, Kateřina Polišenská, Karla Trusková, Lenka Hečková, Tomáš Hečko

The Parents for Inclusion Alliance is supported by

In collaboration with

The Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Down Syndrome
Willík, the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Williams Syndrome
META, o.p.s.
Forum of Parents (Fórum rodičů)
Jonášův spolek, z.s.

Our goals

To achieve respect for the free will of us, the parents, about the way our children are educated.

To strengthen the role of parents so that we are genuine partners in constructively addressing the situations surrounding our children's education.

To encourage parents who have opted for inclusive education by giving advice, providing information, and sharing their experiences.

To communicate with all stakeholders, especially parents, schools and counseling facilities.